Summer School 2018

Summer School 2018 was held in Maynooth University, Ireland from 2nd July - 6th July 2018.  

Please see Summer School brochure here: DESEM Summer School 2018 

Student Presentations: 

Atithi Chakma: Learning Action Models with Defeasible Argumentation

Hongxin Chen: Empirical Evaluation of the Use of DV and LDA for Feature Location on Java and Python Programs

Nafise Eskandani Masoule: Using Machine Learning to Locate Personally Interesting Images Based on Biometric Response Measures

Jordina Francès de Mas: Formal analysis and conflict detection of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Kseniia Iankina: Improving the prediction of cancer outcomes

Poonam Kumari: Extending Arís: Graph matching and retrieval of Java Source Code

Md Saad Memon: A Study of the Implication of Intelligent Personal Assistants on ARM Architecture

Enda O’Shea: Can OpenJML provide a simpler, viable Software Verification process for Software Developers?

Xuan Tinh Pham: Intrusion Detection using Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques

Kamran Razavi: Mining Historical Data using Machine Learning and Graph Algorithms

Qurat-ul-ain Shaheen: Argumentation-based Explanations of Medication Choices

Nikita Vasilenko: A deep learning framework for stock market prediction

Melda Yeghaian: Brain Tumour Segmentation Using Deep Learning

Aida Younesi: A Machine Learning Based Approach for Investigating the Epigenetics of DNA Methylation in Bacteria

Ibrar Yunus: Video Compression using Machine Learning for live streaming with VP9

Dongmin Zhou: Cancer outcome prediction from histopathology images using machine learning

David Ahmad Zonneveld: A Learning and Decision Framework for Collaborative Trading Agents


Congratulations to all MSc students and Teaching Scholars who participated and to the following Prize Winners:

Student Prizes

Best Project Winner - Maynooth University:  

Hongxin Chen

Best Project Winner - University of St Andrews:  

Qurat-ul-ain Shaheen

Best Presentation/Poster (As voted by the Teaching Scholars):  

Melda Yeghaian

Best Overall Project Winner (As voted by the Students):

Nafise Eskandani Masoule