What evidence will I obtain that I have a double degree?

You will receive a degree parchment at your graduation ceremony which states the name of the degree that you have received and what universities have awarded it to you..  You should request transcripts from each university that you registered in to have an official record of your module results. For example see https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/records/academic-transcripts-letters-and-forms for how to obtain your academic transcript from NUIM 

What are the typical duties of a teaching Scholar?

Scholars duties will depend on their expertise and background and will be a mixture of the following:

* Teaching ~ 2 course modules (on longer visits) or teaching intensively via research seminars (on shorter visits). Scholars involvement in teaching will be related to their research/teaching experience and so must be tailored for each successful applicant. For information regarding topics that we require assistance in teaching at NUIM, USTA and UL please see the course content website.

I'm on the Reserve List for a Scholarship, when will I receive news if I am succesful in getting a scholarship place?

Once the EACEA has confirmed our nominations the successful applicants on the Main Lists will be notified, they will then have 10 working days to accept their offers. You will be advised via the PAC system of the date that we will be able to make offers, if any, to Reserve List applicants.